San Isidoro Park, Flower Park, Julio Grave de Peralta Park

Called the Park of San Isidoro or de las Flores, and which officially responds to the name of Julio Grave de Peralta, it was built in the years 1719 - 1720 to give access to the San Isidoro Parish, the Patron of the City of Holguin.

Julio Grave de Peralta Park

Old square Church of San Isidoro, since the original church of the town existed in this place, which served as a burial place (initially inside the church and then in front of it).

Starting in 1898, the Julio Grave de Peralta Park took its name, in honor and recognition of the prestigious son of the City of Holguin who was Major General of the War of Independence; In 1916, his statue was unveiled in the center of its enclosure.

Flower Park

It is not known for certain when Parque de Las Flores began to be called the current San Isidoro Park in the City of Holguin, it was because in its area and especially on the four corners, flower sellers were located every day, but on Sundays it practically became a flower fair.

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