Calixto Garcia Park, Plaza de Armas

Calixto Garcia Park was the second Arms Seat of the City of Holguin, also created in 1720, to be used in celebrations, fairs and markets. When in 1878 the Municipal Government located in the building currently known as La Periquera, acquired such importance that it became the fundamental center for commerce and culture.

Plaza de Armas, Holguin City

The Calixto García Park, designed in 1719 – 1720, was the Plaza de Armas of the City of Holguin. In 1839 it was established as Alameda de Isabel II, and in 1898 it was named Calixto Garcia Iñiguez Park, as it continues to this day.

Calixto Garcia Park

In 1916, the statue of Major General Calixto Garcia was erected and unveiled in the center of the Park. Initially the homes and businesses surrounded the square, today the businesses and cultural institutions protect the Park, constituting an eminently cultural square.

Current Calixto Garcia Park at Night

Here are the La Periquera Provincial Museum of the City of Holguin, a National Monument; the Ballado Gallery, from the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets; the Martí Cinema, the House of Culture, the Casa de la Trova, the Alex Urquiola Provincial Library, the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts with its exhibition halls; the Guiñol theater.

The prestigious Rodrigo Prats Lyric Theater, the Suñol Theater, the CO-DANCE Company rehearsal room and the Pedro Rojena bookstore, among other valuable cultural institutions of Holguin, and its shopping area

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