Symbols and Emblems of the City of Holguin

The population of the province of Holguin preserves exceptional heritage assets in their collective memory, fruits of their creation through a long historical process.

This process began more than ten thousand years ago by the first human groups that inhabited the territory, and continued until what is today the people of Holguin who, recognized in them, in their daily work take them back and turn them into symbols and emblems that define its own personality and identify the territory within the national cultural diversity in Cuba.

These symbols and emblems are part of the values of traditional culture and are made up of peculiarities of the territory of Holguin, personalities and manifestations worthy of its idiosyncrasy, and historical facts and sites that, if only mentioned, represent Holguin in all areas.

Among the symbols and emblems that most identify the city of Holguin we can name the following: