The Ax of Holguin

The Holguin Ax is the official symbol of the province of Holguin by resolution no. 44, of May 28, 1981 of the Executive Committee of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power. The Holguin Ax is a ceremonial exponent of the agro-potter groups that inhabited the island of Cuba upon the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century.

Holguin ax

Found in 1860 by an officer of the Spanish Army, and built by agro-potter groups of the 15th century, the Holguin Ax makes it an exceptional work within Cuban aboriginal culture due to its artistic value.

Made with olive green peridotite stone, the Holguin Ax has a distinctive seal printed on it that made it significant among its type.

The Holguin Ax represents a male anthropomorphic figure with a diadem on top and his arms placed on his chest. The piece measures 350 mm in length, 76 mm in width and 48 mm in thickness.

The Holguin Ax has been awarded to high personalities who have visited Holguin, work or study centers, avant-garde workers and prominent figures of culture and science, who have made meritorious contributions to the province of Holguin and Cuba.

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