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Shield of Holguin City

The Shield of the Holguin City was granted by Fernando VII for Royal Letters Patent of October 11 of 1831.

Starting from that Holguin received the title of City in 1752, the Municipal Council began to request a Coat of arms in which the most outstanding facts happened in the territory of Holguin were symbolized, that for those time it were the defense of the costs had carried out the town of Holguin against corsairs and English pirates for two occasions.

The Shield of The City was made, but not to pleasure of the Municipal council of Holguin City, since the facts of weapons were not represented. The file was put it away and forgotten up to 1818.

Escudo de la Ciudad de Holguin

It is not up to 1831 in that Fernando VII approved a Royal Letters Patent, indicating that they should deposit a certain quantity of money to the Royal Savings Bank of the district to be able to make effective the official recognition of each one of it; while, they could not use these.

The Shield of The City was conceived in a heart shaped girth, the one that in the high part and to the center has a helmet with five feathers. In it, the main patron saint of Holguin City appear: San Isidoro (Bishop from Seville, to the one who Francisco Garcia Holguin had commended his herd and later on gave name to this Holguin City) and Rosario's Virgin (patron saint of the neighbors that populated Holguin when it was founded), that sustain the Kingdom of Spain. To it feet some elevations of the orographical group Maniabón represents the nature and localization of the territory.