The Holguin Anthem

The lyrics of El Anthem de Holguin were composed by Lieutenant Colonel of the Liberation Army Pedro Martínez Freyre on May 17, 1870 in the City of Holguin. The music is attributed to the Holguín composer and musician José María Ochoa.

The Holguin Anthem, considered a warrior anthem, served to exalt the purest feelings of the mambises in Cuba who sang it on several occasions.

When the Demajagua incident was still fresh, surrounded by the people of Holguin, who, due to the expectation of armed expeditions, were experiencing true moments of patriotic euphoria, its author, in the name of freedom, improvised the stanzas of The Anthem of Holguin that called for the emancipation of the island of Cuba from the Spanish yoke, calling the people of Holguin to join the Liberation Army.

The score of El Anthem of Holguin that is preserved was made by the musician from the City of Holguin Porfirio Sánchez, according to the testimony of the mambí soldier Sigifredo Urbino Guillén, musician of the Manuel Avilés orchestra.

Holguin Anthem

To the fight, brave Holguín residents
Do not fear the tyrant's cruelty
Nor bend your forehead like servants
Before the wicked despot of Spain

We're free. The sound announces it
That spreads from the wind on the wings
From the canyon the tremendous boom
And the continuous whistling of bullets.

Freedom, freedom. To your name
The soul beats with joy in the chest
Freedom, freedom. For you the man
Leave your property and your roof happy.

That a grave is a thousand times sweeter
May life in deep silence,
And in the peace of the shameful slave
Just ridicule and scorn of the world.

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