Marti Park, Victorian Square of Avila

Marti Park was built towards the southern part of the City of Holguin in 1915 under the name Victoriana de Avila. This is how this area of the City of Holguin was named, which until now is called Victoria.

Marti Park was also called Asiento de Santo Campo Antiguo, because at that address, built in the year 1790, there previously existed the first cemetery of the City of Holguin, which disappeared when sanitary regulations were issued to protect the population, and A new cemetery is built on the outskirts of the city in 1814.

Marti Park, Victorian Square of Avila

Here, on the foundations of the old cemetery, the first hospital in Holguin was built in 1849 called San Juan de Dios, currently occupied by the Jesús Menéndez Nursing Home.

In 1915 the rest of the block became El Parque Victoriana de Avila. On May 20, 1941, a bust of José Martí was placed and unveiled, which is why it began to be called Parque Marti.

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