Major General Julio Grave de Peralta

Julio Grave de Peralta was born on April 24, 1834 in the City of Holguin, a boy who would eventually become Major General of the Cuban Liberation Army Julio Grave de Peralta Y Zayas Bazana.

His life was dedicated to the cause of Cuba's freedom from Spanish colonial rule and, consequently, he fought for that objective, a commitment in which he accumulated merits for the services provided until reaching the military rank of Major General, the highest hierarchy of the troops. mambisas in Cuba.

A close friendship united this general from Holguin with the president of the Republic in Arms Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, who had great sympathies for Julio Grave de Peralta, a friendship that began to be cemented since the leader of Holguin became one of the first in responding to the clarion call of La Demajagua, an uprising that began the 10 Years War, unleashed by Céspedes on October 10, 1868 in Cuba.

General Julio Grave de Peralta travels abroad where he carries out arduous work to contribute to the cause of the insurgent hosts in the fields of Cuba, and then returns on the "Fanny" expedition. The ship arrived on the coast of Cuba through the current municipality of "Frank País", in the province of Holguin, and shortly after the landing Julio Grave de Peralta fell in combat, in a place known as Cebollas, during an encounter with Spanish forces. in June 1872.

In the City of Holguin where Julio Grave de Peralta was born 173 years ago, two places especially remember the brave Cuban patriot. One is the park that bears his name and where a beautiful sculpture perpetuates his memory and shows him upright and wielding the libertarian sword.

Very close by, an elegant building dating from the 19th century, where a polyclinic operates, commemorates it with the following inscription: «Major General Julio Grave de Peralta Y Zayas Bazan was born here on April 24, 1834.

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