The festivities

Within the traditions of Holguin are the Patron Saint Festivals, cultural expressions that were also closely related to the celebration of various non-carnival festivities, where the celebration of festivals or fairs was common and in which congas and troupes were organized, which represented the various neighborhoods of the towns of Holguin.

We will make reference to the famous Festivals of San Pedro de Cacocum, which are nothing more than Patron Saint Festivals that take place within this region of Holguin, which began to be celebrated at the beginning of the 40s of the 20th century, and as a rescue of traditions They started again in 2005.

So that you can enjoy these wonderful festivities, the municipal directorate of culture of the City of Holguin inserts the “Absent Cacocumense” space, which takes place within the event with a tour of the new social, economic and cultural works inaugurated within this region. of Holguin, where you can learn about the Socio-Cultural advances that occurred in this town during his absence.

In any place in Cuba or the world where an “absent Cacocumense” is found, they will be received with open arms on the dates that Cacocum and its residents celebrate these Patron Saint Festivities.

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