The Festival of the Cross

The Fiesta de La Cruz was held only in dance halls, on May 1 in the settlement of El Mocho, La Palma, in the coastal municipality of Rafael Freyre, about 35 kilometers north of Holguin, already at the beginning of the century. XX.

The religious aspect of the Festival of the Cross consisted of visiting the hermitage to light candles for the virgin, since the rest of the activities were secular in nature. They usually started after 2 pm with the holding of different games and competitions.

The Festival of La Cruz was celebrated in the old neighborhood of Auras (today Floro Pérez), 15 kilometers north of the City of Holguin, and was celebrated between May 1 and 3, in the streets, the town park and societies, since the beginning of the 20th century. People from nearby places who traveled by car, cart, horseback or by rail attended.

On the 1st day a festival was held, on the 2nd it was the Flower Dance, where women had to decorate themselves with them or carry them, and on the 3rd the Holy Cross was decorated and a procession was held through the main streets of the town. That day, in addition, believers paid for promises made and fulfilled in the parish of Jesús del Monte, one of the oldest in the province of Holguin.

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