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Marti Park (Victoriana de Avila Park)

Marti Park was built toward the south part of Holguin City in 1915 under the name of Victoriana de Avila. This area of Holguin City was named this way, to the one that until now is called Victoria.

To Marti Park, was also called Public Square of Old Sacred Field, because in that address, built in 1790, it existed previously the first cemetery of Holguin City, the one that disappears when being dictated sanitary regulations to protect the population, and a new cemetery is built in the outskirts of the city in 1814.

Parque Marti, Plaza Victoriana de Avila

Here on the bases of the old cemetery the first hospital of Holguin is built in 1849 denominated San Juan de Dios, at the moment occupied by the Old People's Home Jesús Menéndez.

In 1915 the rest of the block was became into Victoriana de Avila Park. May 20 of 1941 are placed and laid a José Marti's bust, for what begins to call himself this way Marti Park.