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National Park La Mensura

La Mensura National Park, in the heights of the municipality Pinares de Mayarí -isolated plateau in the high plateau of Nipe-, it is included as the second national park of the oriental county of Holguin and one of three more modern in Cuba.

La Mensura National Park with eight thousand 486 hectares and belonging to the municipalities of Mayarí and Cueto of Holguin, the installation is administered by the Ministries of the Agriculture and of Science, Technology and Environment.

The vegetable Kingdom of La Mensura National Park constitutes an important component of the biodiversity of the archipelago of Cuba for its endemism, extinction danger and capacity of adaptation to the extreme ecological conditions of the place, with 100 species that only exists in this region of Holguin.

The vegetation in La Mensura National Park presents remarkable differences according to the changes of height, from coastal dry grassland until a forest of small leaves constantly green.

Above in La Mensura National Park the mountain rain forest appears, of great floral wealth and with endemic taxons as the sabrina (Juniperus saxicola). Pines of Sierra Maestra (Pinus maestrensis) also grow that they colonize areas of collapses and at the end they are inserted in the forest.

A color touch and biotic wealth, without doubts, contribute it the day butterfly in La Mensura National Park. Ideal for the hiking and the observation of birds, La Mensura National Park is also owner of Rafael's Puddles, the great waterfall El Guayabo.

In La Mensura National Park, 70 workers work supported in their management by several organisms and state institutions.

In La Mensura National Park the development of the environmental culture is promoted in the area in Holguin, especially among the children, by means of circles of interest in the eight existent schools of primary education in the region.

The program of cultural actions propitiates the rescue of rural traditions with incidence in the mountaineer's identity and the knowledge of the established regulations for the operation of La Mensura National Park in Holguin.