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Cayo Saetia

Cayo Saetia to the entrance of the Bay of Nipe in the county of Holguin in Cuba, the biggest shoot of Cuba is considered and with great existence of the most varied species.

In its 42 square kilometers of extension, Cayo Saetia shows more than half of the populated territory of forests that which serves in turn of coat to a diverse fauna, with deer of white line, zebras and antelopes.

As for the hunt, in Cayo Saetia this activity is carried out in strict observation of the established regulations, such as national as international, to avoid damages to the habitat of the area and to preserve the natural environment.

Under a conception of Natural Park, Cayo Saetia in the county of Holguin not maintains a virginity invaded by the man's hand and that it allows the conservation until our days of the flora and fauna originals.

Gaviota operator, in charge of the administration of Cayo Saetia, offers the unique opportunity to carry out a safari among the forest, with the hunt of wild animals in an environment of thick vegetation.

The visitors to Cayo Saetia can consent to the most diverse points in the island using appropriate vehicles for those activities, and in its journey they are tripped with boars, buffalos, ostriches, real turkeys, zebras, tocororos, antelopes, jutías and wild bulls. They prepares with a view to the mentioned activity of transport, specialized protection, equipment, guides and very defined routes, although the weapons can be changed by the cameras when also constituting a unique paradise that it calls to photograph the most beautiful natural landscapes.

To the above-mentioned add dozens of varieties of birds that have chosen to Cayo Saetia, portion of the archipelago of Cuba to inhabit, accompanied in times of the year by other species of migratory character.

Cayo Saetia is surrounded by a coralline barrier that is located in the north coast of the oriental county of Holguin in Cuba.

In July 17 of 1983 were inaugurated in Cayo Saetia one of the youngest places in the geography in Cuba, the Island of The Children. From then on, the environment marine-bosky it’s opens up as a space of singular attractions for the small ones who don't only enjoy the singular landscape of the place, but also of novel means and facilities in function of the education and the recreation.