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Cultural Center "Square of the Marqueta"

Square of Marqueta Center Cultural will facilitate the town of Holguin and its visitors an ideal space for the cultural enrichment, in correspondence with the diverse facilities and areas that it will conform the singular environment.

Square of Marqueta Center Cultural can be considered an unique place inside the urban conglomerate of Holguin, a city of Cuba that it defines its own identity throughout the years and that, in spite of not being of the oldest in the country, with an architecture renovated to the step of the times, it is not exempt of corners that remember the cultural inheritance of the past.

In fact The Square of Marqueta Center Cultural, with its urban singular urban fabric and the characteristics of the constructions that integrate it, constitutes an important space that far from responding to the functions of the market activity -for the one that was created in 1848- it is still in passing point and meeting of many people in Holguin, important reason to subject it to the restoration that reaffirms it as the converged square in Holguin City.

Square of Marqueta Center Cultural among its main objectives has to cooperate in the preservation of the urban patrimony and to develop a sensibility regarding the interrelation among environment, urban life and culture of Holguin City.

Square of Marqueta Center Cultural will offers to the population new options with the activation of spaces and projects where to use the people free time, at the same time that it motivates the artistic and literary creation of the region and propitiate the investigation, the study and the preservation of the artistic, literary and cultural inheritance of Holguin City.

Besides the cultural activities of all type that will be able to develop in this singular environment, Square of Marqueta Center Cultural, will advise cultural and artistic projects, it will promote creation scholarships, it will summon to courses of cultural, artistic contents and of specialized occupations, as well as to seminars, symposia and creators' encounters, creation shops and sales of art works and craft.

Square of Marqueta Center Cultural that today flourishes step by step it will contribute, without doubts that the holguin people heads for the new millennium with an enriched environment of peace, beauty and love.