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Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex

Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex integrated by the Revolution Square, Mausoleum and Forest of the Heroes, they are located in the Avenues XX Anniversary and Jorge Dimitrov street, in Holguin City; it constitutes a group of extraordinary historical, politics, cultural and social significance for Cuba.

The Revolution Square constitutes homage to Major General Calixto Garcia, hero of the three wars who was General Lieutenant after Antonio Maceo's death and brilliant military strategist, author of the letter protests to the North American general Shaffer that became in symbol of the Cuban nationality.

The Revolution Square Calixto Garcia occupies an area of 50000 square meters, with a road of parade of 500 meters of extension. The complex is compound for a frieze with allegorical reliefs to the fight of the town of Cuba through its history for the independence and the freedom, and in its inferior half part, the mausoleum where in 1980 Calixto Garcia remains were deposited.

Around Calixto Garcia Mausoleum in Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex seventeen palms were sowed next to this place, symbolizing the eighteen generals of Holguin that fought in the three wars of Cuba’s independence.

Forest of the Heroes (War Memorial), belonging to Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex, is an area of approximately 120 000 square meters, reforested with plants characteristic of Cuba, where commemorative monuments are inserted that remember to the heroes and fallen martyrs in the fight for the Cuba’s independence.

In a straight line with Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex, and located in the area that comprises the Forest of the Heroes, it’s the Mausoleum to Lucía Iñiguez Landín, the brave patriot's Loved mother. In 1983 here the remains of the distinguished woman natural of Holguin were deposited, to rest eternally next to her son.

In Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex takes place political acts, patriotic and military activities, events, among others like part of the integral formation of Holguin.

In the protocol living rooms of Major General Calixto Garcia Monuments’ Complex, is carried out the ceremony of grant of Holguin Axe, maximum recognition to national and foreign personalities, symbol of the county of Holguin.