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Loma de la Cruz

The Loma de la Cruz rises just to 261 meters above sea level, to the North of Holguin City in Cuba, obligatory stop for visitors and noctambulants' refuge and artists.
The Loma de la Cruz is a small elevation, although great in history and beautiful legends.

The Loma de la Cruz takes its name of a wooden cross that exists in its summit, protective symbol for many people, deposit of promises or ornament original for others.

The first cross was placed in 1790, and it was gone up by the friar Francisco Antonio de Alegría, prior of the Franciscan community of Holguin. Starting from that moment it left of being recognizes like "Bayado Hill" to take its current name: The Loma de la Cruz.

Loma de la Cruz en los 1900Loma de la Cruz actualmente

The friar Francisco Antonio de Alegría that went up the hill with the cross on his back, he established The Romerías de Mayo there, a religious-traditional Spanish party, where the date is remembered in that Santa Elena, the Constantine the Great emperor's mother, died in the calvary tied her to a wooden cross.

At the beginning of the XX century, for initiative of a neighbor called Oscar Albanés (historian and father of the library science in Holguin), it’s carried out restoration works in the hillsides of The Loma de la Cruz, in the base and in the summit.

The restoration was carried out by the architect Vicente Biosca, being concluded May 3 of 1950, day in that the second cross was placed, because the first one was already much deteriorated. These works were financed by the residents of the village in Holguin, which appealed to raffles, collections, verbenas and other ingenuity.

In time diverse religious activities happened, it well-known nowadays like the parties of May that acquired popular character, all those having as pattern The Loma de la Cruz in Holguin.

The third cross was placed in the first years of the decade of ninety, because a dry ray, of those that fall in solitary, unexpected and without storm, it destroyed this last cross when impacting directly on it.

Ciudad de Holguin desde la Loma de la Cruz

It didn't miss who said that "that wooden cross had not been properly sanctified" by the bishop of San Isidoro Cathedral of Holguin who was sick in the near days at May 3 of 1950, and not feeling in conditions of going up the hillock officiated the cross in the skirt of the hill.

This third cross, the one that see today in The Loma de la Cruz, was built of caguairán, as the original of 1790, because this beautiful wood is plentiful a lot in the forests of the region of Bariay, the most beautiful earth that human eyes have seen, according to the Great Admiral Cristóbal Colón to his arrival for the costs of Holguin.

Escaleras de la Loma de la CruzRestaurant en la Loma de la Cruz

The Loma de la Cruz, with 458 steps, intermediate rests and included benches that in the middle of the ascent they can seem the most comfortable in the world, go up to this place can be so strong for those people that are not in good fitness.

At the moment to The Loma de la Cruz it was built by the back part a highway, for which the people can ascend without more efforts (in automobile) and to enjoy the good food of the restaurant that is in its summit like part of the tourist complex, and to admire Holguin City from the heights.

Finally, the ascent is recommended by the perron to The Loma de la Cruz that for sure you will never forget.

The Loma de la Cruz has been declared Archaeological-Colonial Historical Monument of the island of Cuba.