Full Moon International Festival

The International Full Moon Festival takes place on Guardalavaca beach, a tourist hub in the province of Holguin, in the month of December 2003 in Cuba.

The Guardalavaca Full Moon International Festival was born from the tradition of meeting young artists in the Cuban province of Holguin, and from the prominence of more than a dozen artists and musical groups that make this beautiful beach their annual setting for the best exchange artistic, to share the result of a year of hard work.

The Luna Llena International Festival is nothing more than a Pop song festival in Cuba, where young Cuban musicians have always been open to fusion, inviting their peers from around the world to perform on stages open to the most diverse visitors to Cuba, and before an Honorary Presidency that awards the Silver Full Moon to the revelation of artistic talent, and the Golden Full Moon to those who receive the tribute for a life dedicated to art and culture.

The Delegation of Tourism and the Directorate of Culture in the government of the province of Holguin, Cuba, co-sponsor the Full Moon International Festival that takes the stage of the amphitheater of the beautiful beach of Guardalavaca, where innovative proposals come together, which combine the more diverse proposals from the trunk and roots of music in Cuba.

The International Full Moon Festival happens for three days and nights, from December 11 to 13 of each year in the province of Holguin.

By tradition, the Closing Concert of the Full Moon International Festival takes place at dusk in Bariay, a magical site of the Meeting of Cultures where the first Europeans landed, and where today each visitor participates in the planting of a tree typical of the landscape that More than five hundred years ago it dazzled the Old World, as part of a beautiful reforestation program, which also achieved the release of fish and turtles that enrich the marine ecosystem of Guardalavaca in Holguin.

On the two subsequent nights with their beautiful early mornings, the big concerts take place where, with a single stage setup, the musicians help each other, alternate voices and instruments, and offer their latest record production, which will be released in the tent of record labels that attend the event. Full Moon International Festival.

At the Full Moon International Festival, all simultaneously with the artisans' fair, knowledge competitions about the culture of Cuba and the Caribbean, fashion parade and dance competitions that take place during the morning and afternoon in the cozy hotels, in the same sand and in the grounds of the Guardalavaca Beach Amphitheater in Holguin.

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