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The Patronal Parties

Inside the traditions of Holguin they are The Patronal Parties, cultural expressions that were also closely related with the celebration of non carnivalesque diverse festivities, where it was common the celebration of verbenas or fairs and in those that were organized congas and processions that represented the diverse neighborhoods of the towns of Holguin.

It will make reference to the famous Verbenas of San Pedro of Cacocum, which are not more than Patronal Parties that happen inside this region of Holguin that it began to take place to beginnings of the years 40 of the XX century, and like a rescue of traditions they began again in 2005.

So that they can enjoy these wonderful parties the municipal direction of culture of Holguin City inserts the space of “Absent Cacocumense” that is carried out inside the event with a journey for the social, economic and cultural new works inaugurated inside this region of Holguin, where one will be able to know of the Socio-cultural advances happened in this town during their absence.

In any place of Cuba or the world where be situated an absent cacocumense (people that live in Cacocum town) this will be received with opened arms in the dates that Cacocum and its residents celebrates these Patronal Parties.