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The Doorknocker of Holguin City

The Doorknocker of The City is symbol of Holguin City for Resolution 129, of November 24 of 1990 of the Municipal Executive Board of the Popular Power.

Aldabon de la Periquera

Piece of artistic high value, The Doorknocker of The City that friendship symbolizes, represented by La Periquera, Emblematic neoclassical construction, bound indissolubly to the socio-political history of Holguin, since it is part of the doorknockers of the door that gives access to the same one.

The Doorknocker of The City is conceived in wrought iron and it represents a feminine face, of classic lines, that it responds to the neoclassical style.

As it is mentioned previously, The Doorknocker of The City symbolizes the friendship, all the people arrives to Holguin City will have the way open.

The Doorknocker of The City is one of the most important badges that grants Holguin City to Cuban or foreigners personalities that have contributed with their work to the good of the society as much in the region as in all Cuba.