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Lalita Curbelo Barberán

Eulalia Curbelo Barberán, good known for Lalita, she was born in 1930 in Holguin City, Cuba. He is one of the principal figures of the social life in Holguin in the second half of the XX century in Cuba and one of the most important voices in Holguin City.

Throughout his 72 years old, Lalita Curbelo Barberán collected a clean life that if Socrates could evaluate it, that Greek philosopher deeply worried by the human securities and the knowledge, for sure, he would cite her as example.

The human life of Lalita Curbelo Barberán was not easy. Lalita is good example of the family role in paying the biggest difficulties in her members. To the very early death of her parents, two of her paternal aunts take in her and he was brought up by their like a daughter and then she, in loving retribution, will sacrifice much of his life to take care of them with consecration.

About Lalita Curbelo Barberán will have to be spoken a lot; of the motivations and the sources that took to that splendid blond woman of magnificent green eyes, intellectual in the middle classes in Holguin, educated in a plenum atmosphere of Catholic Christianity and poet of delicate intimate feelings to, in the plenum youth, to become herself teacher of the humble ones, to be linked without faintings to Fidel's cause, transforming into combatant secret expert, in Secretary of the Revolutionary Tribunal, in activist among teachers of the Martí and Marx ideas.

Those that to Lalita Curbelo Barberán sees her reduced to the writer, they won't only ignore the dialectical of the national process Cuban liberador, they also betrayed her most definition of Revolutionary.

Lalita Curbelo Barberán was always a exceptional cultural promoter in the field of the literature and a creator always opened to the new times, with highlighted results mainly in the field of the poetry.

In a future the Complete Works of Lalita Curbelo Barberán will have to be published, it was born of the thousands of sheets that accrued since 1938.

The epistolario of Lalita Curbelo Barberán, in its more than 2 thousand letters, will astonishes for its coherence, its ethical standard, its don of the word. It is not exaggerated when it is expressed that at the present time, the only wide documental collections and similar value for the nature of the being of Holguin, they are those of Julio Grave de Peralta and Calixto García.

To his death, it happened December 28 of 2002, with 72 years old, the physical life of Lalita Curbelo Barberán was truncated; but her spiritual legacy can grow with the fulfilling of her written will, started it to profile in 1969 and summed up in the decade of 1990 that to her death, in her house, and starting from her funds it was instituted in her lover Holguin City, a Museum of the Poetry.