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Major General Arcadio Leyte Vidal Delgado

Arcadio Leyte Vidal Delgado, Major General (Santiago de Cuba, January 12 of 1846, being a small child lived in Mayarí, Jurisdiction of Holguin. He was murdered in September 15 of 1879 in the Bay of Nipe). Arcadio Leyte Vidal Delgado (cousin of Francisco Leyte Vidal Inarra) participated in the unsuccessful "Small War", he went to Nipe to approach a vapor of the company Herrera to go to Havana, he is captured by Spanish Lt. Rafael Carlier and led to a gunboat, he is taken out in a boat where he was murdered to stabs, his cadaver tied to an ingot, and thrown to the Bay of Nipe. His remains never appeared. In this time of Leyte Vidal, the area of Mayarí belonged to the Jurisdiction of Holguin.