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Poor Cinema Festival

The Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry (ICAIC), the Ministry of Culture and the Governments of Holguin and county of Gibara, supported by a group of national and international collaborators, have organized The International Festival Of the Poor Cinema.

Poor cinema means, on all the things, to defend the identity, the film director's independence and especially the independence of the cinematography of Cuba.

It won't be enough with carrying out a libertarian and independent cinema under the pressures of the market and its corresponding ideologies; it won't be enough that we carry out works of identity, sometimes transgressors and experimental or often inside the gold rules of the dramaturgia -since it is not about the contest meta-tale versus iconoclasm- or that we drown us in the messianic role of precursors.

To a Poor, invisible, marginal, or contracorriente Cinema, will accompany it a theoretical-critical systematic group that faces to the well remunerated cinematic literature of the elite. So that our cinema achieves smart appearance and corporeal nature, we would have to find new ways of audiovisual distribution.

Let us put at this other one cinema disposal our small events, by way of creating an alliance of distribution of the winning works here and there to the way of institutionalized sections and lasting.