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Luna Llena International Festival

Luna Llena International Festival is carried out in December of 2003 into Guardalavaca beach, tourist pole of the county of Holguin, in Cuba.

Luna Llena International Festival of Guardalavaca is born of the tradition of the young artists' meeting in the Cuban county of Holguin, and for the leading role of more than ten artists and musical groupings that makes of this beautiful beach its annual scene of the artistic best exchange, to share the result of a year of hard work.

Luna Llena International Festival is not more than a festival of the Pop song in Cuba, where always opened up to the crossover, the Cuban young musicians invite to their similar of the world to show up in scene open to the most diverse visitors to Cuba, and in the face of a Presidency of Honor that awards the Luna Llena’s Silver to the nobel of the artistic talent, and the Luna Llena’s Gold to those who receive the homage for a life consecrated to the art and the culture.

The Tourism' Delegation and the Culture Office in the government of the county of Holguin, Cuba, they co-sponsor Luna Llena International Festival that assumes the scene of the amphitheater future of the beautiful beach of Guardalavaca, where novel proposals are meet, that it joins the most diverse proposals from the bases of the music in Cuba.

Luna Llena International Festival happens during three days with its nights, from 11th to 13th December of every year in the county of Holguin.

For tradition the Closing Concert of Luna Llena International Festival happens in the evening of Bariay, a magic place of Meeting of Cultures for where the first Europeans arrived, and where today each visitor participates of the sowing of a tree typical of the landscape that more than five hundred years ago dazzled to the Old World, like part of a beautiful reforestation program that also reaches the liberation of fish and turtles that enrich the marine ecosystem of Guardalavaca in Holguin.

In the two subsequent nights with its beautiful dawns happen the big concerts where with a single assembly in scene the musicians are helped to each other, they shares voices and instruments, and they offer their last chart hit, that will be published in the record company that converge to Luna Llena International Festival.

In Luna Llena International Festival, everything in a simultaneous way to the Handicraft Trade Show, competitions of knowledge of the culture of Cuba and of Caribbean, fashions parade and dances competitions that during the morning and the afternoon happen in the cozy hotels, in the same sand and in the enclosure of the amphitheater of the beach of Guardalavaca in Holguin.