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Party of the Ibero-American Culture

Party of the Ibero-American Culture be born and carry out in Holguin City in 1993, for initiative of the then Secretary of Culture Armando Hart Dávalos, as a result of Centenary V of the Two Worlds Meeting and having the basic issue the growing development of the relationships of Cuba with the nations of Ibero-America, as well as the realization of the Ibero-American Summit Conference, samples of the development of a new politic and cultural conscience in the area.

Party of the Ibero-American Culture, in its cultural projection, is devoted to underline the common historical-cultural roots that unite to the integral nations of this community, characterized by a cultural mosaic of wide shades.

Party of The Ibero-American Culture has as objectives:

  • To go more deeply into study, identification and diffusion of the historical-cultural roots that unite and qualify our Ibero-American towns, by means of the development of the Ibero-American Congress of Thought that summons the event.
  • To promote a wide and varied spectrum of artistic actions that reflect the mosaic of cultures that integrate the Ibero-American community in whose development is linked systematic and harmoniously the Institutions and the professional and artistic talent of the region of Holguin.
  • To propitiate in the development of the Party of the Ibero-American Culture the popular participation in the institutions, centers and squares that allow the incorporation and leading role of the masses in the cultural fact and in the artistic actions.
  • To diffuse the cultural potential of the territory (professional and fan) through their direct participation in the actions and shows of the Party of the Ibero-American Culture and in the contacts that establish with the artists, personalities and guest that participate in the event.

In its execution, the Party of the Ibero-American Culture (FCIA) is a multifaceted and multi-institutional Project, because it integrates a harmonic group of theoretical, artistic and community projects that it generate, starting from its profile, each one of the cultural institutions, publics and NGO of Holguin interested in the action, having as compass driver the general objectives that the event proposes.

To the Party of the Ibero-American Culture that has as main headquarters Holguin City, join the institutions of the Municipalities of Gibara, Rafael Freyre, and Banes who develop colateral actions and cultural, historical and tourist interest.

Every year in October and like a way of promoting a warmer and deeper approach, at the proposal of the Committee of Organization, the Party of the Ibero-American Culture is dedicated generally to one specific Latin American country and one region of the Iberian Peninsula every year.