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San Jose Park (Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park)

San Jose Park was the Third Public Square that was built in Holguin City, in the second half of the XVII century, in 1752.

At the present time San Jose Park calls itself Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, nevertheless for all the people it’s San Jose Park. From 1838 until 1848 this Public Square served as provisional Market.

Parque San Jose, Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

San Jose Park is the third public square in being demarcated, place where it’s built at the end of the XVIII century a hermitage, with the arrival of the Franciscans, being known as the San Francisco Square.

In 1809 it was here inaugurated San Jose Church. In 1916, in its central front, it’s built a memorable and homage’s monument to the shot patriots in the independence wars of Cuba in Holguin.

In 1981 it is erected the homage monument to the Homeland Father, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, name that San Jose Park of Holguin City had, from 1898.